Learn About Valley Simsbury Groups!

There are two plug-in points here at Valley Simsbury: Worship and Groups. We encourage everyone to join a group, where you can connect with others and grow spiritually.

We have three different kinds of groups. They're explained below, but first, watch this introductory video from Pastor Mark:

Group Descriptions & Sign-Ups


Classes meet in person or online via Zoom for a specific number of weeks (usually 6-13). Classes focus on a specific topic of study or relevant life matter.

Current Classes

Starting Point

Sundays, 9am, The Master’s School starting October 10th

Faith has a "starting point!" If you are getting started in your faith, seeking answers about faith, or returning to faith that you left after childhood, this class is for you. We’ll engage in interactive discussion about the basics of what we believe and why we believe -- no questions are off-limits!

There is no need to register. If you do plan on attending just send a quick email to so we can plan to have enough resources. This class will be led by Ray and Silvana D'Arche. 

divorce Care

Those who've experienced it will tell you that separation and divorce are among the most painful and stressful experiences they've ever faced. It's a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you may never have encountered before. We're here to help. This 13-week group is for people dealing with the hurt and pain of divorce. Don't go through this life-changing experience alone! 

Our first gathering is Monday, September 13, at 7 p.m. at Valley Simsbury Headquarters (3 Mill Pond Lane, Simsbury). Book cost is $10.


Holy Stretch & Strength

This weekly gathering will refresh and restore you through breath and movement exercises, as led by a trained instructor – Suzanne Petersen. It's just right for your body AND your soul! Email Suzanne and ask to be added to her weekly communications. 

Thursday Evenings, Avon Campus [Starting in October]


Neighbor Groups

Neighbor Groups are for the entire family and meet at homes (currently outdoors). They focus on the second great commandment – “love your neighbor” – which means loving each other and teaming together to love the people where we live, work, and play. Examples of what Neighbor Groups do or focus on:

Whether potluck, prepared by the host, or ordering in, eating together builds trust and community. The goal is an extended-family environment.

Discuss the message that was preached on Sunday or share personal faith stories. The goal is to encourage one another in spirit and truth.

Each week, ponder who needs the tangible touch of God (blessing) in our church or your relational networks. Then make concrete plans to bless.

As you share about your lives and ponder who God is sending you to bless, seek God for his anointing, provision and power. 

Email us to find a Neighbor Group that fits you!

Men's and Women's Groups (DNA)

Men's and Women's Groups are smaller gatherings of 3-5 people of the same gender who dig deep into life together. Groups “Discover” God’s truth, provide “Nurture” in the difficult and daily matters of life, and encourage each other to “Act” on the steps God’s Spirit is encouraging them in. Below is the list of current leaders and group details.

Women's Groups

Mayla Anderson & Emily Brooks - 8pm every other Monday @ Giv Coffee in Canton 

Janet Woof - 1pm every Tuesday @ The Woof's House in West Simsbury

Terri Dahlstrom - every other Tuesday [New Group, time and location TBD based on participants] 

Cynthia McPeak & Rushika Heinle - 10:30am every Wednesday @ The Heinle's in Simsbury  

Anna Robbins & Melanie Marchetti - 6pm every other Wednesday @ Mill Pond in Simsbury

Men's Groups

Doug Christgau - 6:30pm every Tuesday @ Chili's in Simsbury 

Marvin Gibbs - 6:30pm every Wednesday @ TBD

Mark Woof & Ray D'Arche - 7pm every other Wednesday @ Chili's in Simsbury

Matt Heinle & Bob McPeak - 8pm every other Thursday @ Chili's in Simsbury

Email us to find a Group that fits you!